Hip and Bone revives the modern man’s wardrobe with an array of redefined basics. Designed to endure changing tastes and fashions, Hip and Bone fuses luxurious materials with relaxed silhouettes to be enjoyed in an everyday setting.

Conscious of the aesthetic of his external canvas, the Hip and Bone man’s wardrobe is replete with understated standouts. The Hip and Bone collection sets the standard in the contemporary sportswear market.

In early 2010, Carlos Fogelman & Jeffrey Rosen decided to combine their extensive knowledge of textiles with their passion for functional quality designs. With determination,  Hip and Bone was created.

The brand was created to redefine “hip” into elegance that is transcendent ... Elegance that is visceral ... Elegance that resonates deep to the bone.

 We work meticulously in sourcing every feature of our garments with utmost attention to quality and design. Throughout the production process, we scrutinize every aspect to ensure its adherence to the essence of the brand. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and guarantee to deliver beyond our client’s expectations.

With quality always preceding quantity, the brand continues to source the worlds finest materials paying close attention to detail. Our products have a high functioning aesthetic using exotic skins, pima cottons, linens and various tech fabrics. We will always evolve elevated contemporary sportswear while retaining a classic iconic style.